Our Story

Have you ever had a great idea, but not been sure what to do with it? Us too! We’ve been brimming with great (and sometimes not-so-great) ideas for ages. But, we had nowhere to try them out and no one to share them with. Luckily, we’re not the kind of people to be put off by not having a place to put stuff, so we made one – and this is it. Sipping Forecast.

What started out as ‘Discovery’ - a small team of coffee nerds (Will, Jenny and Nicola) enabling you to buy specialty coffee online, has grown into a bigger team of nerds (Ben, Ross, Matt and Sebastian) and we’re into all sorts of new and different stuff.

What Discovery taught us is that you’re a bit like us, and when there is something new and different to try – you're keen. So we’re making our innovations available, in very small quantities, for you to try – and then tell us what you think. Sometimes this might be coffee, sometimes tea and sometimes it could be completely different. Whatever it is, if you’re up for trying it, it’s your feedback that will help us to decide our future.

Will this work? Who knows!

Will it be fun? We’re convinced of it.

Meet the team
  • Ben

  • Jenny

  • Matt

  • Nicola

  • Ross

  • Seb

  • Will

Boundless positivity, even more stickmen drawings. Claims to have invented the Gaviscon latte. [Citation needed]

Don’t even try and keep up with her. She has a minimum of 15 tabs open at once and she’s editing the website whilst climbing a mountain AND making a brew all at once.

Started drinking coffee aged 31 (don't tell the others). Good at drawing stuff. Bad at pub quizzes.

Can be equally enthusiastic about a brilliant or terrible idea. Can complete a rubik's cube in 2.5 minutes. Can be distracted in 2.5 seconds.

Mad Ideas! Maker. Felt tip fairy. Has no socks.

aka The Curious German. He loves German efficiency, hates small talk and is on a mission to make the future into present. We think he’ll succeed; all he needs is time.

Has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things coffee.

Photograph of Jenny, out on a walk with her camera
Photograph of Nicola, enjoying a delicious looking pizza and pint

What to expect from our Innovation.

As an innovation team, we have loads of ideas and some, we bring to life in limited quantities and for people to try. This website means the people trying them can now extend to you!

Our products can appear in different formats: Yorkshire Tea branded, Taylors of Harrogate branded or Sipping Forecast branded. Anything can surface at any time and sometimes there won’t be anything (we’re only human), but when it does pop-up, it’ll be in very limited quantities.

If you want the best chance of getting to try something exciting, scroll to the bottom of the page and sign up for our newsletter. This is where we’ll regularly tell what we’re curious about, what we’re up to and what’s coming next.