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About the Tiers

  • The Pioneering Producers tier logo. Text is in yellow surrounded by brackets on the top and bottom, all on a pink background

    Pioneering Producers

    Coffees in this range are from producers who do things differently and are at the top of their game. We love returning to these same relationships year on year and making Value Chain Investments to secure the future.

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  • Innovative Processes tier logo. Innovative Processes in yellow, with brackets to the sides on a orange background

    Innovative Processes

    These coffees have gone through innovative or experimental post harvest processing methods that create exciting new flavour profiles above and beyond what you'd typically expect of the terroir.

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  • Rare Series logo. Rare series in yellow, the text is underlined and on a purple background

    Rare Series

    Rare Series coffees fit in the unique Venn diagram overlap of rare varieties, cultivated by pioneering producers and usually complimented by innovative processes. This is the home of top tier micro-lots.

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